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UCF Copier Services provides university departments with multifunction copiers/printers. Devices are available with black and white or color capabilities, and varying speeds and pricing to meet your functionality and budgetary needs. Please contact us if your department is in need of a multifunction copier/printer, and we can guide you to finding the best fit for your department. Our multifunction copiers/printers are capable of:

  • copying
  • color scanning
  • printing
  • faxing
  • network connectivity
  • multiple print codes for internal departmental tracking
  • stapling
  • hole punch

Toshiba’s multifunction copier/printer meets UCF’s stringent security protocols and features a Department of Defense level encrypted hard drive to securely store or immediately erase print documents with data overwrite technology.

Instructions for Viewing / Printing Meters

  1. Press Counter Button
  2. Select ‘Print Out Total Counter’ on touch screen
  3. Press yellow Function Clear button to return to the main screen
  1. Press right arrow on touch screen 2 times
  2. Press ‘Customer Support’ on touch screen
  3. Page Count is listed at the bottom of the screen
  4. Press the home button to return to the main screen

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